Samley Teas - A Glimpse at Ceylon Tea


New research has shown that sipping a relaxing cup of tea, especially green tea, may provide a number of health benefits. Emerging research shows that this substance contains strong antioxidant potential.Due to the advances in medical sciences, controlling of life- threatening infectious diseases has created a significant problem known as population ageing. In these circumstances, chronic degenerative diseases such as heart diseases and cancer are the biggest problems faced by the medical scientists. International research has found that drinking tea could help to reduce the risk of the heart diseases and also anti-oxidants in tea could act to reduce the cancer too. The human body itself produces and contains anti- oxidants to prevent the harmful effects of free radicals damage due to excessive free radicals can be limited or even prevented by anti- oxidants, which can neutralize free radicals. Consumption of tea is recommended to increase the intake of dietary anti- oxidants derived from the diet as it also plays a vital role in checking the free radicals, to limit the damage caused by increased exposure to free radicals from environment pollution.

Scientific research is just beginning to explore the connection between drinking tea and its effects on maintaining the body's homeostasis and balance. In other words, tea is thought to be rejuvenating. Tea is enjoyed worldwide because while it is calming, it also reviving and uplifting. It is also thought that the act of sipping tea in itself has recuperative powers. Maybe this is one of the reasons why tea has become so popular. British Statesman William Gladstone once said of tea “If you are cold, tea will warm you, if you are depressed, tea will cheer you, if you are excited, tea will calm you”


  • Polyphenols
  • Amino acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Methyl Xanthins
  • Minerals
  • Volatiles